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My Go-To Green Smoothie Recipe

I have been substituting this smoothie (with minor variations) for my lunch for a few months now, and I can tell you with 100% certainty, that it has made my body feel so much better. This smoothie recipe helps me fit the vital greens I need into my daily diet without the bulk – another great way to do this is juicing but it takes a lot of veggies and even more work. If you’re interested in juicing, I recommend checking…

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Real Talk photo (C) Heidi Thorson
Real Talk

Real Talk – Why Limit Yourself?

First, let me say that I understand the importance of staying true to your brand; this post is both about and not about branding. I think many bloggers or freelance writers find themselves pigeonholed by a particular topic or industry, but lately I…


Let’s Go To Portland, Oregon

If you’re one of the millions of people who love Instagram, you have likely gawked over the breathtaking images that come out of Portland, Oregon. Any avid traveler, photographer or outdoorsy type should understand why i’ve always wanted to visit. To…

Escape to Europe - Eurostar Train

Escape to Europe – Eurostar Train

Earlier this year I had a life changing travel experience. London and Paris were filled with pinch-me moments, for sure, but one memory I can’t shake is the Eurostar Train… We boarded in London at St. Pancras – I highly recommend arriving early…

vegan and vegetarian celebs
Health & Wellness

35 Celebs On A Plant-Based Diet

All About The V (veggies): The more I research the plant-based diet, the more I found myself surprised by the number of others who have committed to the lifestyle. Here are 35 celebs on a plant-based diet, and they come in all shapes,…

Tailwind Jungle Lodge - San Pancho, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Checking In – Tailwind Jungle Lodge

Have you ever considered ecotourism, aka eco-travel, aka green-travel, aka traveling like a hippie? Eco-travel has become a trendy new way to approach all angles of the jet-setting experience, but many cut the cord when it comes to their accommodations.…

Mexican Adventure Travel - Tailwind Jungle Lodge
Marriage Travel

Preparing for Mexican Adventure Travel

The first thing I do to prepare for travel, after choosing a destination, is start researching the culture and environment/ecosystem. I want to be sure that I am comfortable while prepared and respectful. Picking A Destination & Travel Style: Mexico…

Fashion Travel

Win A €500 Shopping Spree at Galeries Lafayette

To travel like a Parisian, we have to understand Parisian style and nothing embodies all that is Parisian like Galeries Lafayette. I have partnered with the iconic department store to give one lucky reader a €500 shopping spree that will…