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Gifts Ideas for Fit Friends

It’s that time of year, where we need to get our holiday shopping done and start preparing for our New Year’s resolutions. Nothing makes for a greater motivational nudge than new health and fitness gear. These are 18 gift ideas for fit friends and/or for getting a head start on your own wellness goals. Note: While the apparel linked is for women, take the idea and roll with it – fit guys need gym clothes too. 18 Gift Ideas for Fit Friends Free People Wasabi…

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9 Gift Ideas for New Photographers

For many, gift giving can be a stressful occasion. I, on the other hand, look forward to it. I really enjoy the creative game of surprising my loved ones with gifts they forgot they wanted or something creative that brings an…

Stay-Home Life Freely Mi
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What You Didn’t Know About Stay-Home Life

Thanks Mom & Dad Growing up I was always taught to be able to take care of myself, and I had no real understanding of stay-home life. My mother is a dedicated and successful career woman who is sweet and generous to a fault. My dad…

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Postcards from the Antelope Canyons

The Antelope Canyons are one of the most photographed destinations in the world…it’s easy to see why. The fascinating thing, though, is how every photo is little different. The silica quartz creates a shimmery glow that is so mesmerizing, we never…

Get to know me - freelymi Michelle Bazis
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35 Questions – Get To Know Me

I found this list of questions through other bloggers and YouTubers who have done Get To Know Me posts. Some questions are basic, and some get a little personal. This seemed like a fun way to be transparent, share something different and learn…

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Share The Love – 6 Youtubers I’m Watching

As a freelance writer and blogger, much of my personal and professional life involves social media. Whether or not you have a digital career like I do, social media probably plays some kind of role in your life. Like it’s own search…

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Travel Diary – Making Connections

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Try New Things: Earlier this year I traveled to San Pancho. This was my 1st visit to Mexico & I was surprised by how many friends hadn’t experienced Mexico outside of “all-inclusive” resorts. For us, the jungle…

Real Talk - Who Am I
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Real Talk – Who Am I?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Who am I? If someone asked you to answer this question about yourself, what would you say? This used to be difficult for me to answer. I thought there had to be a clear adjective…