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Real Talk – Stoke The Fire, Embrace Your Differences & Stand Out

People tend to do one of three things (1) Ignore the fire. (2) Devalue the fire. (3) Stoke the fire. I think we often look at people who have succeeded at something – let’s just say life – and we chalk it up to them being “rare” or “lucky.” Why? Sure, there are people who have less complicated paths to meeting their goals, but at the heart of it all, they had to want to succeed before they could succeed. Does that make sense? You…

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My Beauty Boosting + Nutrient Rich Smoothie Recipe

Here is video number 15 from my YouTube channel! After much request, I have finally shared one variation of my daily smoothie. I couldn’t recommend incorporating a daily smoothie enough. This addition has made a HUGE difference in my health, energy and digestion. If…