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Read My Diary – Entry No. 4 – Protecting Free Will

[January 22, 2017] Dear Diary, There is no definitive word to describe how I’m feeling right now. It’s not my intention to sound dramatic, I think it’s just a symptom of being utterly…unsure. I feel equally proud and saddened by the events of the last few days. I feel proud to live in a country that supports democracy & free will. Still, I feel sad when the staunch sides of democracy create tense division. I believe a lot of the voting public, who unbiasedly educated…

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Read My Diary – Entry No.3

[January 9, 2017] Dear Diary, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I am feeling irritated, annoyed, frustrated, confused, irritated…did I say irritated? Finding work can be the most – urrrggghhh! – of tasks. I have made it a point to collect a range of experiences…

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Read My Diary – Entry No. 2

[January 6, 2017] Dear Diary, I’ve been doing some reflecting on last year, as most people do around the New Year, and I feel as sad as I do optimistic. Feeling motivated or optimistic is sort of synonymous with…

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2017 Reading List – 5 Books To Kickstart The Year

My favorite types of books are non-fiction, more specifically, memoirs. There’s nothing that sucks me in more than a vulnerable autobiography filled with edgy life-lessons and unfiltered relationships – I like knowing that there are honest people in the world…

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December Favorites

Now that Christmas has passed, and we’ve all had time to sift and sort through the post-holiday madness, i’m sure many of you are relaxing and reflecting on both the month and year. December was/is a big month for…