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Tough Topic: Is overtourism killing communities?

This morning, I was reading an article that said many destinations are cracking down on tourism because it is harming their local community. This makes me sad for two reasons: (1) Destinations are capitalizing on tourism and diluting a truly authentic experience for the sake of money. (2) Uneducated travelers could be ruining a good thing for those of us who travel for more reasons than going viral on Instagram. Taking Advantage of Travelers Anyone who has done a decent…

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Life Update – Let’s Catch Up

Have you ever met with family or friends and they ask you, “So what’s new?” It has been weeks, maybe even months, since you’ve seen each other, but for some reason you respond with, “Not much, you?” or “Same…

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My Beauty Boosting + Nutrient Rich Smoothie Recipe

Here is video number 15 from my YouTube channel! After much request, I have finally shared one variation of my daily smoothie. I couldn’t recommend incorporating a daily smoothie enough. This addition has made a HUGE difference in my health, energy and digestion. If…