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2017 Reading List – 5 Books To Kickstart The Year

My favorite types of books are non-fiction, more specifically, memoirs. There’s nothing that sucks me in more than a vulnerable autobiography filled with edgy life-lessons and unfiltered relationships – I like knowing that there are honest people in the world willing and unashamed to share about where they came from and where they want to go. The books below are all great options for kickstarting your 2017 reading list.

I tapped into the first in this list on New Year’s Day. You’ve likely seen Anthony Bourdain on CNN in one of his award-winning travel shows. Bourdain’s unfiltered and quick whited vocabulary carry over into this memoir about his culinary evolution – and unconventional escapades. This bestselling book has been hilarious, sensational, and grungy…and i’m only 40 pages in. The four remaining books have yet to be read, but are a combination of entrepreneurial encouragement and business memoirs. I have a steadily growing collection of books by CEOs, creative minds and business leaders. Their experiences and wisdom make for an intriguing read, and great reference for any ambitious self-starter. Happy reading!

2017 Reading List - Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

2017 Reading List - Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar

2017 Reading List - Originals by Adam Grant

2017 Reading List - Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger

2017 Reading List - The Happiness Project



Comment below and tell me what books you’re reading and/or looking forward to coming out in 2017.

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