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Freely Mi by Michelle Bazis
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Read My Diary – Entry No.3

[January 9, 2017] Dear Diary, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I am feeling irritated, annoyed, frustrated, confused, irritated…did I say irritated? Finding work can be the most – urrrggghhh! – of tasks. I have made it a point to collect a range of experiences…

Stay-Home Life Freely Mi
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What You Didn’t Know About Stay-Home Life

Thanks Mom & Dad Growing up I was always taught to be able to take care of myself, and I had no real understanding of stay-home life. My mother is a dedicated and successful career woman who is sweet and generous to a fault. My dad…

Matt Steffanina - Youtubers I'm Watching
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Share The Love – 6 Youtubers I’m Watching

As a freelance writer and blogger, much of my personal and professional life involves social media. Whether or not you have a digital career like I do, social media probably plays some kind of role in your life. Like it’s own search…

Eclectic Entrepreneur
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Photography Firsts

The iPhone Photographer  My photography firsts began in 2011 when I moved to Florida. This was a liberating change and spiritual turning point, one which I believe opened my eyes to the things I love to photograph. I started sharing new…