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Real Talk – Check Yo Self!

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed I have to tell myself, “Check yo self!” I’ve been off my blogging game for a minute, largely because I’ve been so focused on other endeavors. If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you should know…


Let It Go

My church is doing a series called “Out of Egypt”. Last week, we discussed identifying the things we need to leave behind. In the story, Moses is leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promise land…into freedom. Like…

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Prefrontal Cortex Issues

We periodically experience these seasons of identity discovery; where we feel like what we’ve been doing doesn’t seem to align with what we feel in our spirit. I used to think this was a sign that something was wrong…


Selfish to Selfless

I’ve had something on my mind that I just cant seem to shake…You know that sinking feeling after you’ve said or done something you wish you hadn’t; could be stupid, tmi, unnecessary or simply misunderstood? This inner monologue is exhausting; “I hate…

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Celebrating Life

“Celebrating Life” can mean a lot of things – Falling in love, an adventure, a birthday or remembering a unique friend. How do we celebrate life? The first step, I think,  is acknowledging how fragile it is. Thinking about…


Do you believe in luck?

I wouldn’t say luck is something I want to hang my hat on. Think of a situation when you felt lucky. Did you find $100, win a raffle, get out of a speeding ticket, end up with the perfect…

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Let’s be real…

Something has been on my heart lately… in·teg·ri·ty inˈtegritē/ noun the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. With everything we do, we establish a measure of integrity. Our standard of living is a reflection…


Words Are Powerful!

What is so amazing or important about writing? Well, if broken down to its simplest form, were talking about words and language. But, writing is more than just written words and language; writing captures and immortalizes time otherwise upheld by…


What Motivates You?

I often wonder what achievements are unfulfilled due to lack of knowledge, encouragement, confidence and/or motivation. We are all created for greatness, but the means of finding it are uniquely ours. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have…