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Preparing for Mexican Adventure Travel

The first thing I do to prepare for travel, after choosing a destination, is start researching the culture and environment/ecosystem. I want to be sure that I am comfortable while prepared and respectful. Picking A Destination & Travel Style: Mexico…

Real Talk - Who Am I
Marriage Real Talk

Real Talk – Hall Passes

What the what?! I’m watching the news, as I do almost every morning, and this story about doctors recommending “hall passes” to couples for a healthy marriage has me very seriously ticked! There is a reason it is called “cheating” –…

New Smyrna Beach Florida; 2012
Faith Marriage

Committed to Love

It’s disheartening to see or hear of any marriage on the rocks. Whether it’s a celebrity, friend or someone in your family, the one phrase I’ve grown to loath is, “Marriage is work.” Let me be brief…my husband and…


Anniversary Adventures

Our 2nd Anniversary! My man & I are always looking for new and unique experiences to share together & our anniversary is cause for something extra-special. Last minute obligations changed plans for an east-coast trip, still, we made the most of the day…


To Buy Or Not To Buy A House?

We have been married for almost 2 years so most are asking, “When are you going to buy a house & have lots of babies?” Well, since we aren’t planning to have babies anytime soon, we have extra reasoning…

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Prefrontal Cortex Issues

We periodically experience these seasons of identity discovery; where we feel like what we’ve been doing doesn’t seem to align with what we feel in our spirit. I used to think this was a sign that something was wrong…

Wedding Anniversary

A Rare Pair – Our 1st Anniversary

The long awaited weekend has passed and we are pressing on! My husband and I made it through a series of obstacles during our first year of marriage, some exciting and some disheartening, but all victorious once we gave…


Married To Adventure

Adventures of “the boy” and “the girl” – We have enjoyed wondrous adventures within our first few years together and certainly in our first year of marriage. Having found our love in activity-packed Florida, and living in 3 states within…