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Read My Diary – Entry No.3

[January 9, 2017] Dear Diary, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I am feeling irritated, annoyed, frustrated, confused, irritated…did I say irritated? Finding work can be the most – urrrggghhh! – of tasks. I have made it a point to collect a range of experiences…

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Read My Diary – Entry No. 2

[January 6, 2017] Dear Diary, I’ve been doing some reflecting on last year, as most people do around the New Year, and I feel as sad as I do optimistic. Feeling motivated or optimistic is sort of synonymous with…

Real Talk - Who Am I
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Real Talk – Who Am I?

Who am I? If someone asked you to answer this question about yourself, what would you say? This used to be difficult for me to answer. I thought there had to be a clear adjective to describe who I am,…

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Real Talk

Real Talk – Why Limit Yourself?

First, let me say that I understand the importance of staying true to your brand; this post is both about and not about branding. I think many bloggers or freelance writers find themselves pigeonholed by a particular topic or industry, but lately I…