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Choosing faith over fear

So, I sit down to start writing and scheduling new content, but only one resounding topic is weighing on my heart…having faith during fearful times. As soon as I roll out of bed each morning, I turn on the news and begin to make my coffee and breakfast. Settling into my work station, I listen to the latest local and international headlines, all of which have been flooded by two stories: political unrest and global terrorism.

Choosing faith over fear - Isaiah 41:10While my faith encourages me to remain joyful in all circumstances, I find it difficult to focus on everyday fluff when I know what is going on outside my door. The ongoing American conflict [Democrat or Republican?] kills two birds with one stone, plaguing friendly conversation and segregating would-be companions. We rely on journalists to deliver un-bias reports so we can make the most educated decision come voting day, yet many of these impactful voices are trumped by a corporate agenda – there is no escaping the viral epidemic of our planet’s heaviest pockets. Who can we always listen to?

Choosing faith over fear - Sujo-quoteThose who have not experienced war or traumatic loss firsthand may not recognize it (artful disguise), but terrorism is a lot closer to all of us than you think. Imagine an enemy who’s eternal goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Sometimes these attacks are subconscious, like a faceless hacker taking over our internal wiring. Other times they are subtle attacks on our spirit, like anger, anxiety, bitterness or disappointment. Then there are attacks on our heart and body, like loss or pain. Think of this untiring terrorist and his attacks like the Greeks and their Trojan Horse. He tactfully sneaks into our lives, hidden right in front of us, ready to strike when our guard is down. Fortunately, I believe we were born to be on the winning side of this war and these threats are ineffective when we chose faith over fear.

Choosing faith over fear - Paris brian-quoteIn times of trouble, trial and tragedy, it is easy for us to become hardened with bitterness or hatred. Would we rather rid the world of terrorists or rid these people of their terroristic ideas? A life is a life, and all are worth saving. Yesterday I had a conversation with my mother about how we define one another. For example, should I define the entirety of a man by one moment of weakness or one remarkable act? Should I assume the lifestyle of a woman because of one poor decision or one grand gesture? Could a series of actions be a season of struggle or misguidedness that will soon be overcome? Now, apply the same thought to political leaders & religious extremest. These men and women were once dependent babies, imaginative children and impressionable young adults. Who determines what they’re capable of?

Choosing faith over fear - London Steven-QuoteHistory’s most impactful stories come from the most unlikely of places. Our hopes are manifested in the triumphs of an underdog or outcast.  So you see, our story [as individuals and a world-community] isn’t over till it’s over. Until our last breath, we ALL have the ability to do right and be victorious.

Happy Easter

Easter day represents salvation and eternal hope. Because of what happened on this day, all (no matter what) can freely receive grace and forgiveness, not through good deeds, but through faith.

2 Corinthians 5:15 He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf. 

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