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Colorado Travel Vlog – Instagram Recap + Bonus Material

For years, i’ve wanted to create my own youtube channel filled with fun videos and vlogs, but I had always been intimidated by the software and editing. There’s something so emotional about a video. I mean, who doesn’t get sucked into the Youtube vortex or love watching hours of old home movies?! The things I write about are emotional topics for me (travel, faith, personal development etc.). Sometimes photos don’t convey all of these feelings and stories go unread because, let’s face it, everyone has an excuse for being too busy to do more than sit and scroll or stare at a screen. So, i’m teaching myself to film and edit my own videos through tutorials, taking notes from other vloggers, and a lot of trial and error. If you have any tips or tricks, please share!

In case you’re confused, a vlog <–with a V, is a blog created primarily in video form. Get it?

This is my insta-recap from our weekend skiing and snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado. We have had season passes a few times, and almost always visit with our friends in the Dillon/Silverthorne area. This vlog includes some of my favorite moments shared in my Instagram stories (@freelymi), plus a little bonus footage from our GoPro where Ben looks extra cool (as always), and I look like a total goofball! **I was so nervous to ski in the trees. We were between two black runs & my legs were shot from the day before. I cried from laughing so hard when I saw the video.

I hope you like my first mini travel vlog. If so, please leave a comment below and give me a thumbs up on Youtube. I’ll be sharing more and more fun content like this in the future, so subscribe to my channel if you’d like more updates!

Where we stayed | Silverthorne, Colorado
Mountain | Keystone Resort
My Gear | Ben’s Foursquare Coat, Burton Pants & Gloves, Oakley Goggles, K2 Skis
Ben’s Gear | Special Blend Coat, Quicksilver Coat, Ride Snowboard
Our Masks | Know Name Productions

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