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Career Game – Working Alone & Creating A Cyber Squad

cyber squad - youtubeWorking from home, with mostly digital clients, can feel pretty lonely if i’m not making an effort to stay connected to the outside world. Since I am self-employed, and work solo most days, I like to incorporate background “noise” into my routine. Whether i’m listening to the news, or letting podcasts or youtube vlogs play in the background, these things help me feel in-tune with current events and trends.

So, I have created a cyber “squad” of fellow photographers, writers/bloggers and YouTubers. Once a day, I browse YouTube for videos and channels that I find educational or inspirational. Then, I create a watch-later playlist that I can play the next day while i’m working. Since these creators and I are in the same industry, watching their videos helps me stay up-to-date on tricks and trends that will help me be a better content creator.

Here is a list of some of the YouTubers that make up my cyber squad. Some of these could be a part of all categories, like blogger/traveler, photographer/traveler, or photographer/blogger. Some videos are like visual podcasts where these vloggers sit and talk or teach on industry news and topics, and some are like “real” reality television where they take viewers along with them on their life adventures. I sort of think of this cyber squad like my co-workers and colleagues, only instead of sitting at a cubicle behind me, they’re in their own home somewhere else on the planet. If you’re a content creator and/or work from home, I encourage you to create your own cyber squad of vloggers and bloggers to keep you inspired and on your toes. Please share your favorites in the comments section below.

Shameless Maya
Samuel Elkins
Casey Neistat
Jay Alvarrez

Sailing La Vagabonde
High on Life

Chriselle Lim
Lydia Elise Millen
Mr Kate
Desi Perkins
Lustre Lux
Song of Style
Claire Marshall
Drew Scott
Estée Lalonde
Ashley Brooke
Sazan Hendrix

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