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35 Questions – Get To Know Me

I found this list of questions through other bloggers and YouTubers who have done Get To Know Me posts. Some questions are basic, and some get a little personal. This seemed like a fun way to be transparent, share something different and learn something new about each other. So, I have copied my answers below. Let me know what you think or if we have anything in common, and feel free to copy the questions if you want to do your own Get To Know Me post.

  1. Height: 5’4″
  2. Weight: No idea
  3. Age: 29
  4. Degree: Journalism
  5. Job: Freelance Writer & Photographer
  6. Sign: Virgo or INFJ
  7. Piercings: I’ve had 9; currently 6
  8. Tattoos: 3
  9. Languages: Really just English, but I have been able to get by with basic Spanish and French.
  10. You Might Not Know: I created a photography & apparel company called Dirt Life Co.
  11. Special Talents: I guess I can be a little artsy-fartsy (drawing).
  12. Sports: I’ve never played sports – only ever been a dancer. Been skiing for 15yrs. Since meeting Ben, I’ve tried and/or learned to do just about anything on a board or wheels (snowboard, surf, wakeboard, skateboard, dirt bike, mountain bike etc).
  13. Hobbies: It usually depends on the weather or where I’m at. Apart from dance, I love yoga, hiking and going to concerts. I would like to do more SUPing, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing, and would love to try rock climbing, deep sea diving and sailing!
  14. What I Miss: Having a dog and living near the ocean.
  15. Qualities I Value Most: Authenticity, Loyalty & Adventure
  16. Favorite Color: Can my answer be “the ocean”?
  17. Favorite Food: Peanut Butter (Not sure if this is technically a food or condiment, but I’ll eat it both ways!)
  18. Favorite Song: Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd
  19. Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd & Incubus
  20. Favorite Concerts: Incubus (River Riot 2007), Weezer (River Riot 2010), The Wailers (Grassroots Festival), Atmosphere with Brother Ali (Sokol), G. Love & Special Sauce (Waiting Room), Gov’t Mule (Bourbon Theater), Jason Mraz with Raining Jane (Orpheum Theater), Peter Frampton with BB King (Stir Cove)…really the list is endless.
  21. Favorite Flower: Magnolia
  22. Favorite Movie: Wayne’s World
  23. Favorite Book: My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock
  24. Favorite Quote: “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take the chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey
  25. The reason I started blogging: I always loved writing and photography, and around the time I started my blog, I had been going through major life changing events that I wanted to share about in more detail. The point is to be transparent about my life, experiences and thoughts. I hope whoever looks at my photos or reads my stories finds inspiration and encouragement.
  26. Fears: Saying (or not saying) something i’ll regret, and not seeing all the places I want to see before it’s too late (travel FOMO).
  27. Last thing that made me cry: Whenever Ben & I don’t get along.
  28. Last time I said I loved someone: This morning
  29. Meaning behind my blog name: Freely Mí [like “me”/Mi-chelle] is a play on my name, career,  and lifestyle.
  30. Currently Reading: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh 
  31. Last person I talked to: Ben
  32. Relationship with the last person I texted: One of my oldest girlfriends, Sarah C.
  33. Places I want to visit: States, Hawaii and CA-1 from SanFran to LA. Internationally, everywhere in Southeast Asia and around the Mediterranean Sea.
  34. Last place I traveled to: Arizona – The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon
  35. Any Instruments I play: My box drum & i’m slowly learning my guitar

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