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14 Gift Ideas for Foodie Friends

Every family and friend-group has one…a foodie! Sweets are great stocking stuffers for kiddos, and wine makes a lovely host gift, but this list is for more serious gastronomers.  This person likely owns a t-shirt or apron with their favorite foodie phrase like, “KALE” or “But first, coffee!” For non-foodies, this person is either annoying or fascinating. Foodies have trivia-worthy food knowledge, unpronounceable spices in their cabinets, and tend to photograph their meals like new moms photograph their babies. If you love someone like this, and deep down, you just don’t get it, these gift ideas for foodie friends will come in handy.

Foodies come in various forms. Fancy foodies love all things gourmet (my friend Sara loves gourmet olives); there’s the make-everything-from-scratch cook (my friend Starr is like this); the health nut probably has a special diet and loves trying all types of natural or organic foods (hi!); and then there’s the niche foodie who is a guru in a particular food type or technique (my gal Lindsey is a pizza pro). Below are 15 gift ideas for foodie friends of every kind. These suggestions range in price and are easily found in your local food market or home goods store. Create a goodie basket with a few smaller items or go all out with something special, either way, this list has something they’ll love!

Gifts for Foodie Friends

  1. Bacon Ornament
  2. Avocado Ornament
  3. Acrylic Travel Coffee Press
  4. Kitchen Confidential Book
  5. Movies: Chef, Bottle Shock, Burnt
  6. Tacosaurus Socks
  7. Acai Powder
  8. Coconut Oil
  9. Calphalon Griddle Pan
  10. Kitchen Aid Mixer
  11. Tea Infuser Deep Tea Diver
  12. Cuisine Art Hand Blender
  13. Meal Prep Bag
  14. Love with Food Snack Box Subscription – Each box donates 1 meal to hungry children!

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