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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

There’s a little more than a week until Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still doing a lot of last minute shopping. One day i’ll get a head start on my holiday shopping. Another confession…there are few scenarios where I would recommend vacationing during the holidays, partially because I am not a fan of crowds or lines when i’m trying to chill, but also because travel is way more expensive this time of year. Still, theses gift ideas for travelers will bring timely joy to those who have made holiday vacationing a ritual.

Below, you’ll find 20 gifts ranging in price and size. These ideas cover everything a traveler needs from packing and airport necessities, to in-transit entertainment and travel style. For more gifting inspiration, read my previous posts about how I pack and prep for travel. If you have any go-to gifts for travelers, please leave your tips in the comment section. Happy globetrotting! 

Travel WalletsGifts for Travelers - wallet

Gifts for Travelers - travel-wallet

Luggage Necessities

Gift Ideas for Travelers - DVF LuggageGift Ideas for Travelers - Travel ToteGift Ideas for Travelers - Passport Bag Tag

Packing Tools

Gift Ideas for Travelers - Toiletry Bag

Gift Ideas for Travelers - toiletries

For the Flight

Gift Ideas for Travelers - MugsTravel Gifts - Neck PillowGifts for Travelers - Eye MaskGift Ideas for Travelers - Fire Tablet

Gift Ideas for Travelers - headphonesGift Ideas - Travel Book

The Modern Tourist

Gift Ideas for Travelers - Waiste Pack

Gift Ideas for Travelers - instax

Gift Ideas for Travelers - hat

Travel Gifts - charger

Gifts for Travelers - Waterfall Duster Coat

Gifts for Travelers - Vacation Sweater

Gift Ideas for Travelers - DW Watch


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