Let’s Go To Portland, Oregon

If you’re one of the millions of people who love Instagram, you have likely gawked over the breathtaking images that come out of Portland, Oregon. Any avid traveler, photographer or outdoorsy type should understand why i’ve always wanted to visit. To my excitement, my brother had a family trip planned and invited me to tag along. He and Traci love traveling to Portland to visit old friends and nearby relatives. Andy frequently visited for work and Traci is an ex-resident – perfect guides for my introduction to the city. We plan to split our time between Portland and Rockaway Beach, doing our best to explore and relax with my 3 year old niece in tow.

I am looking forward to experiencing Portland’s notoriously quirky nature first-hand. As an art and entertainment enthusiasts, I have found that these characteristics seem to manifest in Portland’s eclectic music scene – a few i’ve had the pleasure of enjoying at festivals. Portland bands seem to be synonymous with funky facial hair (not just on men), and sassy hot pants (not just on women). Of course there’s the uber-creative groups who are too artsy for their own good, gothic/melodramatic hybrids who will forever embody the 90s, and androgynous duos who never seem to smile. Wait…did I just summarize a season of Portlandia?

The interesting thing is that, while Portland stereotypes are vast and totally independent, they all seem to be 110% true and collectively make up one mega-culture that can only survive in this city. I guess what i’m saying is Portland is the unicorn of the U.S. and everyone loves it! Bring on the crafty beards and brews, earthy hikes and hippies, vegan food and fashion – I can’t wait!

Gallery of Portland & surrounding areas from Instagram accounts: @portland & @oregon.nw; featured image by Portland Picture

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