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Mother-Daughter Vacations & Why You Should Plan One

Washington, DC

In 2011, my mother and I started an annual tradition. Each year, we take a mother-daughter vacation together. Not only does this give us an excuse to explore places our spouses aren’t interested in visiting, it also gives us an opportunity to spend some quality mother-daughter time together. The idea began after I moved away from home. Shortly after I moved to Orlando, my mom had a work trip scheduled to Washington, DC. Since I had never visited DC, she invited me to tag along for the weekend. Although there was work peppered in, we managed to explore memorials, museums and historic sites in nearby Alexandria and Georgetown.


Florida X2

I suppose you could say we skipped a few trips between DC and the next getaway because we did a lot of traveling throughout Florida whenever she visited me. Our Florida travels started with St. Petersburg, and continued with Naples, West Palm, Sanibel Island, Miami, and Jacksonville.



New York City

In 2015, we decided to take on a destination we had both wanted to explore. I had admired New York City since falling in love with dance and Broadway as a kid. We both love history and architecture, and I really love getting my mom to try new things. Not only did we walk 10 miles in a day, but we effectively covered every area of the island between the Statue of Liberty and the Museum of Natural History.

mother-daughter vacation NYC - April 2015

London + Paris

On our latest trip, we decided to leave the states. My mom had yet to travel outside of the country, so we planned our annual trip to two of the world’s heaviest travel hitters. We split 10 days between London and Paris, enjoying everything from shopping in Notting Hill and walking the historic Westminster Abby, to sipping wine along Avenue des Champs-Élysées and trying escargot with Notre Dame views. Between destinations, we cruised the countryside from the comfort of a Eurostar train — an experience i’ve glowed about in previous posts.


Mother-Daughter Vaca

It’s time to plan this year’s vacation and mom wants to keep it domestic. We have our eyes set on summery seaside shores in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. If you have a heart for Nantucket, and the American northeast, please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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