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Now and then we come across extraordinary people. Truly, everyone is extraordinary, but very few have the courage to embrace their passion like Joany Yi. I met Joany at Go Blog Social in Des Moines and became immediately drawn to her spirit for humanity. We shared stories and ideas, but most of all a mutual excitement for action plans – i.e. having an idea and doing something about it. Joany’s history with the Peace Corps is an astonishing experience in itself, something I encourage you to ask her about on Instagram or through the O.P.T website. Her experiences inspired an idea to do something more…something really special.

Joany created the brand One Positive Thought – the O.P.T. in Optimism. One Positive Thought is a clothing company that empowers others by helping to fund projects that make this world a better place to call home. The proceeds from each collection contribute to community-initiated projects. From cancer research and women’s education, to environmental conservation and general support, Joany’s brand is fashion with purpose. By purchasing and wearing these (really awesome and comfortable) t-shrits, the everyday man and woman can do something about the efforts they care about while sharing the message in a stylish way.

Original Optimist | One Positive Thought

Each collection comes with various designs and colors, each in both men’s and women’s sizes. The images below are just a  few of the items you can purchase on the company’s website – email Joany about her kid’s apparel products.

  • ORIGINAL: This collection allows O.P.T. to donate wherever there is an urgent need for funding. Whether it’s to help build a clinic in a village or to provide books for students, they’re are on it.
  • HEART: These designs are inspired by the greatest Optimist of O.P.T. and dedicated to supporting cancer research, treatment, and survivorship programs.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Proceeds from this collection go towards projects that focus on the empowerment of girls through better access to education.
  • ENVIRONMENT: From planting trees to programs that educate farmers on the importance of more environmentally sustainable practices, this collection is taking care of the planet. Coming Soon.

Efforts like these are not as easy as they may seem and Joany could use your love and support. Send her encouragement via social media or email, support One Positive Thought by purchasing a t-shirt (or a few) and tell your friends about it. THIS IS HOW YOU CAN TAKE ACTION & DO SOMETHING!

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