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Photography Firsts

The iPhone Photographer 

My photography firsts began in 2011 when I moved to Florida. This was a liberating change and spiritual turning point, one which I believe opened my eyes to the things I love to photograph. I started sharing new adventures and travel experiences with my iPhone on Instagram.

My First Camera

One of the most rewarding gifts i’ve ever received, my husband gave me my Nikon D3200 on our first anniversary in 2014. These are some of the first photos I ever took with my camera. I had no editing software at the time.

My First Clients 

I was surprised to hear how often people are looking for a photographer. My sister-in-law’s friend Becca was newly engaged and my best friend Starr was about to have her first baby. Eager to build a portfolio, I offered to photograph their life event at no cost. I still had no editing software, but started playing around with exposure, highlights and contrast in a basic Windows application.

My First Published Photo

October 2014, I was fortunate to be working for a company in regular need of event photography. An opportunity came around to shoot an impactful benefit concert. I was working with my Nikon kit lenses, which do not have the ideal aperture for shooting in dark spaces. Somehow, I managed play with what light I did have and got a photo suitable for the local paper!

Reba 6My First Paid Clients

I had been taking pictures throughout the Nebraska State MX Series and parents were purchasing my images of their kids. Soon, a few moto-loving graduates were looking for a photographer familiar with motocross to take their senior pictures. By now, I had invested in an editing software but was completely self-taught.

Going + Growing 

Travel and my loved ones are my greatest passions. The experiences I have seeing the world and spending time with family are likely to be my muse forever…I can not see myself enjoying anything more. The opportunity to capture the passions of others is privilege and I continue to grow with every project.

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