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Read My Diary – Entry No.1

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[January 3, 2017]

Dear Diary,

I am so tired! I think the holidays have left me in a jet lag-like state. My sleep schedule has been WAY off. I find myself ready to snooze by 5pm, barely make it through dinner, then wide awake until midnight. My morning alarm is useless. I feel guilty because Ben is up and ready to go as usual, and instead of getting up to make us breakfast and feed our pets, i’ve been hiding in my pillows until after he’s left for the day. What makes it even worse – the guilt – is I work for myself and this tiredness has left me incredibly unmotivated. I have a laundry list of ideas and things i’d like to do for work and around the house, but I feel heavy and groggy, even too tired to eat. I am officially bringing NOTHING to the table.


Now that my rant is over…I have 3 things plaguing my thoughts lately, not just because of the new year (because i’ve been thinking about these things for weeks), but because I need to figure out where to start. (1) DE-CLUTTER! (2) What’s next for work? (3) Health goals.

I remember feeling so ready to move into a larger space – many times – but, after three years, I’ve grown so attached to our little studio apartment. I love our view, our location, the amazing natural light, and the coziness of our oversized furniture engulfed in pillows (Imagine the piles of leaves you leaped into as a child; now replace them with pillows and plush blankets. mmmmmm). Still, in addition to fondness, the last three years have also brought on extra stuff! We are out of storage – in our house and at our parents’ house. We have tried every possible way to rearrange, repurpose, and reorganize. I  am  ready  to  de  clutter! I’m thinking IKEA. I’m thinking The Container Store. I’m thinking Mr. Kate.

Work…ooooh the endless cycle of creative regeneration. It’s as fun as it is exhausting. I have so many ideas for what to share on Freely Mi (hence “Read My Diary”), and what to do with some passion projects. Dirt Life has so much potential, but in order to maintain the photography side, we’ll have to travel to tracks and events. I could pull the trigger on the apparel, but I need to decide exactly how far I want to go with it. Girls Night Events was a calling. I have, and always will, love event planning and collaborating with ambitious brands. But, the experiences and successes of GNE prove that a facelift is needed. I would love to get back into events, but it’s time to approach them from a big-picture angle. Fashion Influencers of Omaha, similar to the other projects, has massive potential. But! I am wise enough to recognize when I can’t do it all on my own. It’s time to bring in the reinforcements – but who? Finally, dolo. $$$ It’s been two years since I began working for myself, and i’m ready to create a new and measurable business plan, and media kit. (It’s times like these that i’m thankful to be married to a “numbers guy” – finances make me clammy.)

The health goals plague me because i’ve been off my game for about 2 months. Before my lazy siesta, I was in the best shape I had been in years. My health was on point and I was able to wear things I would have normally been insecure about. And, full disclosure, I turn 30 this year (woosah). Not only did I tell myself that I would have my best body at 30, but I also want to narrow down what fitness routines and foods work best for me so I can stick to them FO LIFE! Also, we haven’t made any baby decisions yet, but I know we’ll have to face the reality sooner than later. Should the time come that my body becomes a baby maker, I want to have a state-of-the-art oven…if you know what I mean!


It felt good to get all of that out. #journaltherapy

What’s been on your mind lately? Share with me in the comments section!

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