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Read My Diary – Entry No.3

[January 9, 2017]

Dear Diary,

I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I am feeling irritated, annoyed, frustrated, confused, irritated…did I say irritated? Finding work can be the most – urrrggghhh! – of tasks. I have made it a point to collect a range of experiences as a writer and brand advocate since college. No-one taught me to be a blogger – blogging wasn’t even a thing until after college – and social media wasn’t used as a marketing tool until I had already earned my degree, therefore, SEO was also part of my post-college education. With the help of mentors and Youtube tutorials, I taught myself how to use a professional camera, as well as edit and create images using the latest design software. Coding was definitely not part of the Journalism curriculum before 2010, so I learned how to manipulate HTML and use other web design tools by…wait for it…asking questions and dinking around (super professional, I know)!

Subsequently, as my freelancing career was not pre-planned, pitching to clients and applying for contract gigs has also been a season of self-education. Clearly there is a method to this that I am still learning. This industry has taught me that experience is both irrelevant and essential to getting a job. <– What I mean is, clients have hired me specifically for my experience, while it has meant squat to others.

Pitching/applying has me on a constant rollercoaster of optimistic and wtf? moments. I don’t know how many times i’ve been 110% qualified or recommended for a job only to receive a template denial email, or months of unfulfilled promises. Selling myself (pitching for jobs) can be wickedly uncomfortable, but it would be unfair to deny the experiences and skills I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I am, and have been, an influential writer, blogger, photographer, and event planner.

Truly though, this entire entry was inspired by my latest rejection – womp womp waaahhhhh! The realities of rejection, when it comes to freelancing, sort of feel like eager Tom facing eminent demise at the hands of the crafty Jerry…

Writer Diary - Tom & Jerry

BUT, like Tom, I have learned to keep trying! True failure only happens when I give up. Sure, there are times when I would rather have a 9-5 with benefits and PTO – especially if it’s for an amazing company that I love – but it all boils down to what is in my heart. My passion is to travel the world, try new things, and tell inspirational stories about it. Through writing, photography and events, I hope to encourage others to seek their own passions, live a fulfilling lifestyle, and embrace curiosity.

In the time I have truly known my purpose, rejection has merely become another annoying step to climb as I press on toward the goal.

Closing this entry feeling previously peeved but newly rejuvenated! #journaltherapy

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