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Real Talk – Do Comforts Keep Us From True Fulfillment?

An entry from my travel diary…

Tailwind Jungle Lodge - San Pancho, Puerto Vallarta Mexico; comforts

I was sitting here, thinking of all the things I would do differently [about my trip]. “ I would have liked to be a little closer to town.” “It would be nice if there was something I could do about the bugs.” “This would be perfect if we had a little  air conditioning.” Then, like a teacher calling the attention of their class, I hear…

Why do the bugs bother you so much?

Suddenly, none of these thoughts made sense and I felt incredibly selfish. Lately, I have been spending more time in my secret place, praying and meditating on God’s plan for me. When I truly spend time getting to know God’s voice, it becomes more and more clear each time I hear it. For me, His word is short, too the point, and has a way of clearing my head of all other noise. From the food I eat to the way I appreciate simplicity, my travel experiences challenge me in new ways. Still, I have trouble completely letting go of certain comforts (like bug-free travel).

Why do the bugs bother you so much?

I don’t know. I suppose i’m bothered by the idea of being bitten, crawled on or critters getting in my food (valid). Notice how all of these are only potential issues? Essentially, i’m bothered by the possibility of discomfort. If I avoid all adventures with potential issues, i’ll miss out on so many amazing experiences. If I let go and embrace the “bugs”, these amenities become less important than the fulfillment I gain experiencing life outside my comfort zone.

How ironic, that these amenities we need to feel comfortable can actually be somewhat dibilitating.

For the record, i’m not hating on luxury travel or even basic accommodations. In fact, luxury travel is one experience I look forward to enjoying some day soon. My point is, I don’t want to let experiences pass me by because of a little discomfort. I learn more about what I’m capable of when I can let go of the “bugs”.

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