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Vow To Be Chic – Our Experience Renting Bridesmaids Dresses

Let me preface this review by saying that the Vow to be Chic process was easy, the dresses were affordable, and the customer service was wonderfully attentive. That being said, I believe they could benefit from dress ratings and/or reviews from clients on their site. While the company is true to their word, the dresses they represent have proven to be less reliable.

The Original Bridesmaids Dress 
Donna Morgan Tiffany
Color: Grey Ridge

Let me say, we looked high and low for a blinged-out bridesmaids dress that would compliment the New Year’s Eve wedding style. Since the New Year’s Eve wedding would be a glittery affair, we thought a metallic dress would compliment the bride’s stunning Hayley Paige gown. Unfortunately, the dresses we found were either outside our budget or wouldn’t work for all body types – from size zero to 8 months pregnant. We were running out of time to buy and alter dresses, so were relieved to find this gunmetal looking number for rent on Vow to be Chic.

Issue #1 – The dress arrived purple, not purple-is, purple! Apparently “Grey Ridge” is a synonym for Barney the Dinosaur. Seriously though, we tried every type of lighting and not once found the beautiful steel color we loved in the photo. In fact, after receiving the dresses, we searched for more photos of the dress and found a tremendous amount of inconsistency. Not one dress photographed the same as far as colors go; even the first image below and the image use for the side by side look different.

Issue #2 – The dress was high-water short. To help you visualize, the dress came up to my ankles without wearing shoes, and when sitting down, came up to the middle of my shins – not cute. The site suggests regular or long sizes based on height (5’1″-5’5″ regular, 5’6″-5’10” long). All girls were ready for a New Year’s Eve flood.

Donna Morgan Tiffany - Renting Bridesmaids Dresses

Donna Morgan Side by Side

The New Bridesmaids Dresses
Watters Linden, Maria, Tulip
Color: Buff

Here is where Vow to be Chic demonstrated superior service and business integrity. Within 24 hours of receiving and disliking the first dresses, the bride and I were able to select new dresses and order replacements for each bridesmaid at no additional cost or shipping fees. Additionally, one bridesmaid lived out of state and happened to be leaving her home for Christmas the following week, and Vow to be Chic covered the cost to expedite her dress so she would receive it before going out of town. After trying on our new dresses, we shifted sizes around between the girls and only needed one new size, which they expedited over the holiday weekend. Bravo!

Issue #1 – We ordered our replacement dress sizes based on which size fit us best from the first dress (Vow to be Chic sends 2 sizes for best fit). Half of the girls either didn’t fit into their dress or felt it was too tight. Note: The Linden style fit best, the Maria style was revealing in the chest, and the Tulip was tight around the ribs. Note #2: Order the long if you plan to wear heals, no matter how tall you are; we range from 5’3″ – 5’9″ and everyone needed a long.

Issue #2 – Most of the bridesmaids had to be pinned &/or taped into their dress, in some way or another, to make it fit appropriately – the chest area was troublesome for all but one of us. Nevertheless, no-one noticed and the dresses ended up looking great!

Watters Linden - Renting Bridesmaids Dresses Watters Maria - Renting Bridesmaids Dresses Watters Tulip - Renting Bridesmaids DressesRenting Bridesmaids Dresses - Watters Vow to Be Chic

Renting Bridesmaids Dresses - Vow to be Chic

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