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What You Didn’t Know About Stay-Home Life

Thanks Mom & Dad

Growing up I was always taught to be able to take care of myself, and I had no real understanding of stay-home life. My mother is a dedicated and successful career woman who is sweet and generous to a fault. My dad is a Jack Of All Trades with versatile interests and knowledge – a great resource for applicable life-lessons like how to be a better athlete, win Jeopardy, or cook a meal from scratch. Both of my parents have worked full-time, sometimes more, since I was born.

Stay-Home Life Isn’t Practical

Working for myself was never something I had considered, and being a stay at home wife or mom felt like an old fashioned ideal – neither lifestyle seemed practical. I used to think that those who “got to” stay home or be their own boss must have an easy, problem-free life. <— So wrong! Since transitioning into full-time freelancing, the realities of entrepreneurship and stay-home life have been surprising, to say the least.

What I’ve Learned

  • It only takes recognizing your skills and passions to create a business.
  • Self-employment comes with consistent sacrifice: time, money, hobbies, comforts etc.
  • People won’t get you. “How do you make money?” “What exactly do you do again?!”
  • People will tell you to quit. “Maybe you can just do it on the side.” “It’s time to face reality.”
  • With self-employment, there’s serious pressure associated with time management & productivity.
  • Self-employment & stay-home life will come with moments where you’ll feel very lonely.
  • Self-employment & stay-home life can make you feel guilty from time to time.
  • For some, being a stay-home spouse or parent is both their dream job and full-time work.
  • Being a stay-home spouse or parent will cause resentment if it’s done out of obligation vs love.
  • Being a stay-home spouse or parent requires a humble heart and supportive S.O.

Knowing My Place And Purpose

Like parenting (I imagine), entrepreneurship is like caring for a baby – seriously hard work. Thankfully, you never get sick of working on your passion and every sacrifice is totally worth it (this is what parents tell me). Sure, there are days when the last thing I want to do is pitch content to clients, edit photos, do laundry or make dinner, but it gives me immense joy to be needed and know I’m pursuing my dreams. No-one can ever take this time away from me. I will always be able to say I pursued my passion, and if this pursuit one day leads me back into the corporate world, I will be able to apply unique skills and wisdom gained from my stay-home life.

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