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The Eclectic Entrepreneur

Can we take a minute to recognize the struggle of the eclectic entrepreneur? Versatile bloggers and inventive business leaders eventually face the reality of one tough decision – which project or idea to focus on.  You might say that there is a difference between being an entrepreneur and an innovator; an entrepreneur being self-motivated and an innovator being idea-motivated. So what if you’re an eclectic entrepreneur? A title (I believe) for someone who combines the two.

I have been doing freelance work full-time for nearly a year. Apart from building a client portfolio and determining how to monetize, deciding which projects to focus on has been my most difficult challenge. After a few months of offering general marketing services, I discovered how much of a difference it makes to focus on a few key services rather than casting a wide net. This change was important for two big reasons…

The Eclectic Entrepreneur
1. Clear and measurable branding: With a marketing and journalism background, I have learned to recognize a variety of opportunities for businesses to broaden and maximize their advertising and engagement strategies. From communications and events to social media and brand development, there are endless ways for a consultant to serve their clients.  For a solo blogger and freelancer, pitching so many services becomes more of a tongue twister than an elevator speech. Taking my own advise, I chose to focus on 3 key services: writing (including blogging), photography & event planning.

The Eclectic Entrepreneur - Innovator
2. Personal bandwidth: When I first started, I felt I had to take on any project I could. The lesson I learned was that not every project or client will help me achieve my goals. Not only that, but taking on projects that compromise my personal fulfillment aren’t worth the money or my time. The freedom of being your own boss means you get to make your own schedule, so why bite off more than you can chew if you don’t have to?

The Eclectic Entrepreneur - Bandwidth
I recently asked a group of entrepreneurial friends what they would do every day if money didn’t exist and all said they would “travel” and/or “spend more time with loved ones”. As entrepreneurs, we can make a living that will enable us to do what we love, or make a living doing what we love. As an eclectic entrepreneur, we simply have to learn how to segment what is best for business and what is best for fun. My good friend Ted, owner of Summit Lawns, put it perfectly…

“A business should be a tool to provide you with what you want for your life, whether that be money or time. You should not be a slave to your business, your business should work for you.”

So, here’s to the eclectic entrepreneurs – the creative minds and determined spirits
that not only want to see the world but also make a difference in it!



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    February 26, 2016 at 3:39 am

    Great post! You are a breath of fresh air!

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