Same Site – New Name: Adventure Culture was created 2 years ago as a personal blog to share about new experiences & the ongoing pursuit of lifestyle fulfillment. Since transitioning into a full-time freelancing career in early 2015, I have embraced new adventures & experienced humbling growth.

Now that my website has become more than a blog, but also an extension of my professional work & developing projects, I found it fitting to change the name. Freely Mi is inspired by the “freeing” lifestyle I seek & encourage, plus my “freelance” career – all of which I will continue to share about here & on social media.


You’ll already notice my Facebook, Instagram, TwitterPinterest pages have made the move to @FreelyMi – The final change will be the website’s URL & my contact email. What does this mean for friends, family, followers & clients? Not a dang thang! Everything is turn-key or will redirect you to the new URL & email with no extra effort. If you have any questions about this change please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Here’s to following your dreams!

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