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Real Talk – Who Am I?

Who am I? If someone asked you to answer this question about yourself, what would you say?

This used to be difficult for me to answer. I thought there had to be a clear adjective to describe who I am, like: artist, teacher, entrepreneur, or snowboarder. I started thinking that, who I was, was confused or indecisive until I embraced the idea that I don’t have to limit myself . Who am I? Relentlessly curious. While I break this down, I hope it helps you navigate your own journey of self-understanding…

It’s true, I am hopelessly devoted to all things travel and entertainment, and I have an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. This is the reason I dance, cook, ski, snowboard, surf, skateboard, hike, mountain bike, ride a dirt bike, play guitar, and speak Spanish (some I’m still new to). Curiosity is the reason I have lived in various parts of the U.S. and continue to travel the world. Curiosity is the reason I started freelancing and became a published writer and photographer. The same curiosity has inspired several projects, including the creation of successful brands and businesses.

These accomplishments aren’t a list for boasting, but rather a collection of achievements in overcoming fear and opposition – believe me when I say, I didn’t always have the tenacity to act on my curiosity. For every obstacle I’ve attempted and failed, I’ve been an example that trying doesn’t have to be scary and can lead to new opportunities. For every challenge I have tackled and been successful, I hope to have inspired anyone on the fence with their own dreams.

The passionate pursuit of curiosity is the reason for Alice’s Wonderland, Edison’s light bulb, and the Wright brothers’ airplane. Curiosity is the foundation of imagination and the fuel of innovation; without them [curiosity, imagination, innovation], we wouldn’t have fashion, movies, music, dance, coffee or wine! A life without music or coffee?! I pray we never see this day.

The journey of self-discovery (or re-discovery) is refreshing and encouraging. I believe the heart of each person, no matter their struggle or privilege, has it’s own unique definition. Sometimes we sacrifice our definition for someone else, or confuse our definition with another’s because of envy or insecurity. I often hear this: “People change.” Okay…duh. We grow and mature till the end. BUT, does our heart change? I don’t think so. Our purpose is pre-destined – how we harness our purpose depends on our will to do so, everything else is just an obstacle or excuse.

So…who are YOU?


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