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Real Talk – Why Limit Yourself?

First, let me say that I understand the importance of staying true to your brand; this post is both about and not about branding. I think many bloggers or freelance writers find themselves pigeonholed by a particular topic or industry, but lately I keep asking the question, “Why limit yourself?” True, writing and blogging about your passion is like an insurance policy for success – which [let’s face it] is subjective – but my passion isn’t my only interest. We are multidimensional beings with a lot more to offer than just one thing. Truly, I think many of us are becoming robots because we neglect our thoughts and interests out of fear disguised as “reality,” “practicality,” “insecurity,” or “self-doubt.”

Passions and interests are totally different things, but both contribute to overall lifestyle fulfillment; this is part of why I started these “Real Talk” posts. While tips, tricks and pics can be helpful, inspirational and fun, there are other topics I enjoy chatting about. My most cherished friendships blossomed from real talk, which makes me wonder…could the number of deep friendships we have depend on how often we have the courage to break up the fluff and talk about things that truly matter to us?

Anyway, my initial question (Why limit yourself?) and these Real Talk posts cross paths when it comes to topics. One of my greatest passions, and the main focus of my blog, is travel, but my interests are much more diverse and why shouldn’t I also share about these?  Plus, as life changes, these interests will continue to evolve. For example: when I was a dancer, all I cared about was music and dance. When I moved to Florida, I was interested in meeting new people and trying new things. When I got married, some of my long-term goals became inspired by Ben. When I started dealing with my complications with food, I became more involved with cooking and nutrition. And i’m sure that if/when I become a homeowner or mom, my interests will revolve around those things.

I guess I view this sort of like a spider graph. I have many great interests, some greater than others, but all of which make up the whole of what brings me joy. Why should I limit myself to one thing when I have a fuller life enjoying many things? Same to you! Do you ever feel like you’re not trying something or truly being yourself because you’re afraid of failure, what people might say, or because you don’t think its possible? Stop limiting yourself and start living a free and fulfilling life!

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