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Share The Love – 6 Youtubers I’m Watching

As a freelance writer and blogger, much of my personal and professional life involves social media. Whether or not you have a digital career like I do, social media probably plays some kind of role in your life. Like it’s own search engine, a lot of what we learn about each other, news and brands comes from social platforms. Spaces like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube can be a place of support and inspiration, or shame and fear. Thank God there are people like these, who are willing to put themselves out there in the hope of support and inspiration. These are 6 Youtubers i’m watching – and you should be too.

Maya Washington (Shameless Maya)

What I love about Maya is her versatility! I originally discovered her channel while searching tech tutorials and found her series called Tech Talk. She is a creative entrepreneur with a tender heart and tireless hustle. In addition to acting and sharing career, fashion and beauty tips, she talks about real life issues in her Slumber Party series, and is truly vulnerable on the topic of faith in her Shameless Sunday series. Each of her videos will leave you feeling educated, inspired and good inside.

Shameless Maya - Youtubers I'm Watching

Lilly Singh (Superwoman)

I was surprised how long it took me to discover Lilly aka Superwoman. There is no way to put this girl in a box – she does what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. What is so compelling about Lilly is where all of her awesomeness has sprouted from. By overcoming depression and self doubt, she has created a brand to inspire and support others to pursue and achieve greatness, especially women. She is funny, unfiltered and unpredictable. One minute she’s creating hilarious vlogs and collaborating with the First Lady, and the next she is writing a book or launching initiatives to support communities in Kenya. Lilly is truly a Super-woman!

Lilly Singh Superwoman - Youtubers I'm Watching

Claire Marshall (Hey Claire)

Claire is just cool. Most girls are interested in fashion or beauty in some capacity, but that’s not how I found Claire’s channel. Even though I like to feel pretty, I wouldn’t consider myself a girly-girl. Youtube is so saturated with fashion and beauty bloggers that (to be honest) all do the SAME. DANG. THING! Claire’s channel covers beauty from he inside out. She embraces and encourages each person to discover their own brand of beautiful. From travels and life changes, to career and transparent reviews, I love how real and raw she is. She inspires me to embrace and feel good about what makes me different.

Claire Marshall heyclaire - Youtubers I'm Watching

Sarah (Sarahs Day)

Sarah’s channel is all about achieving health and fitness goals, naturally. This Australian gal is a great example for overcoming personal struggles with weight, hormonal imbalancesrelationships and more. She speaks to girls who feel like they’ve done everything but can’t seem to achieve their goals. Sarah has tried everything from bodybuilding techniques and the paleo diet, to naturopathic remedies and yoga, all of which she documents it on her channel.

Sarah's Day - Youtubers I'm Watching

Riley & Elayna (Sailing La Vagabonde)

I really can’t put into words how these videos make me feel. If you have a passion for travel and adventure, Riley and Elayna tackle every desire you’ve ever had – diving, island hopping, exploring etc. Surprisingly, they claim to not have known much about sailing before taking on the world in a 43 foot yacht christened La Vagabonde. For those who feel inspired to give sailing a try, this Aussie couple also shares each trial, malfunction and learning curve they come across, offering advice for getting through it.

Sailing La Vagabond - Youtubers I'm Watching

Matt Steffanina (Matt Steffanina Choreography)

So maybe i’m biased with this one because of my background in dance, but after taking a few years off, no dancer has gotten me more excited about being back in the studio like Matt Steffanina. He is a Los Angeles based dancer and choreographer, who records collaborations and classes he teaches as well tutorials for those outside of LA who want to learn his choreography. There are so many amazing dancers and choreographers in the world, and because dance is truly an art form, it is totally subjective. For me, Matt’s style not only combines skill and technique, but also passion and, most importantly, FUN!  I bet anyone who watches his videos will feel inspired to turn their music up and get their twerk on – as you should.

Matt Steffanina - Youtubers I'm Watching



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    October 17, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    I have actually never watched any of these YouTubers before but I so need to check them out!

    xoxo, Jenny

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