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My name is Michelle and I'm a writer, photographer, and artist based in the Midwest. The name Freely Mí is a play on words with a hybrid meaning. You've likely heard the "Do-Re-Mi" song from "The Sound of Music" in which Julie Andrews sings, "Mi, a name, I call myself." Michelle (me), Mí (chelle). Get it? And finally, decades of my life were devoted to one thing: dance. After retirement, I found a kind of liberation in trying new things, seeing new places, and exploring new creative outlets. This freeing fulfillment inspires my photography, writing and art, and subsiquently, the genesis of a brand. This is how Freely Mí came to be! I hope you like it here.



I believe most of us could benefit from slowing down. Beginning with how we start the day to how we flow through work. From how and what we eat to where we go and how we get there. Time is your most valuable asset. Who do you spend it with and what do you spend it thinking about? When your time is up, what will you leave behind and where will you be going? My hope is for the works and words you see here to permiate your spirit and inspire you to live a more fruitful and fulfilling life.

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