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My name is Michelle and I am a writer, artist, and holistic nutritionist from Nebraska. I created Freely Mí years ago after a season of transformation. Following a deep spiritual shift, I began pursuing new experiences, destinations, and creative outlets with a renewed sense of freedom. A fruitful lifestyle is what I seek and Freely Mí is where I'll invite you to join me. Here, we'll talk about wellness, travel, faith, and other thoughtful topics. I hope you like it.

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Is overtourism killing communities?

This morning, I was reading an article that said many destinations are cracking down on tourism because it is harming their local community. This makes me sad for two reasons: (1) Destinations are capitalizing on tourism and diluting a truly…

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Real Talk – Discovering My Purpose

A lot of my friends and family don’t really “get” what it is I do. “What do you do again? Some kind of marketing, right?” “How exactly do you make money?” “When are you going to get a real job?”…

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